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Monday and Tuesday, April 20th and 21st-

Math: Complete page 290-291 in your Ready math books. (25 minutes) Answer the two problems of the day and upload your answers to our math padlet. (10 minutes) https://padlet.com/melissa_east/dailymath

A: Ty’s bathtub was full of 42 gallons of water. He drained 18 gallons out of it. How much water was left in the sink?

B: Ethan has 8 jugs of water. Each jug contains 4 gallons. How much water does Ethan have altogether?

ELA: Complete a word sort with your words. Talk with someone in your home about what the prefixes uni-, bi-, and tri- mean. Knowing these prefixes tell you a lot about the meaning of these words. (20 minutes)
-List A: Prefixes uni, bi, tri- unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, uniform, triangle, unison,
unicorn, biceps, biannual, tripod.
-List B (Mrs. Holcomb’s group only): ee words- sweet, sleepy, queen, breeze,
teeth, feet, feel, keep, green, knee

In your Ready reading book, start working on lesson 21 (connecting words and pictures). Complete page 352-353. Make sure you read through the introduction and talk through the questions it asks you. (25 minutes)

Read for 30 minutes or listen to an audiobook on Storyline Online.

Social Studies: Watch the Brainpop Jr. video on “needs and wants.” This can be found in the social studies section under economics. You may also work through the activities and quizzes that go along with this video. Create a list of your needs and wants. Upload your answers to the padlet below so that we can see them! Remember the username for Brainpop is meast and the password is yadkin3. (30-40 minutes)


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Here is the link to my padlet resource page. Simply click the URL and it should take you to the page. This has many websites and videos for your child.